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Frances Worthington knows what it is like to be on the roller coaster of life. She grew up in the church and came to a relationship with Jesus Christ at 7 years old in the basement of a rural Alabama church and has never doubted His love for her. Through school and into college Frances was a leader in campus ministries, participated in mission trips all over the United States, and even married a minister.

But, in spite of all of this training, she became an addict... a spiritual high addict. She lived from Bible study to Bible study, conference to conference, and Sunday to Sunday. Yet, when the studies were over, the conference ended, and Monday morning came along, she didn't know how to thrive in this life. She merely survived.

At one of the many conferences she attended, God spoke to her and she knew that He was calling her to a daily life of consistency and commitment. From that moment, Frances dove deep into God's Word and found the Bread of Life. She began to learn what it was like to be "satisfied as with the riches of food" Ps. 63:5.

As she began to thrive and not merely survive in this life, God's call became clear for her to strengthen her sisters in the faith and be an exciting example to those who do not know Jesus Christ's love. She founded Desert Flower Ministries and is the author of Satisfy Our Souls: A cry from the desert. Through all she does, her desire is to equip women of all ages to thrive in their deserts.