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This is a great evangelistic site that I reference here on my site. It gives a visual, high energy, moving presentation of the gospel.

This is an organization that promotes myself and many other Christian speakers. They are a great organization that I have enjoyed being a part of. You do not need to use them if you are interested in booking, but may be interested to see other speakers from across the nation.

This is the missions organization that I went to Africa with both times I have gone. They have an amazing site that is full of information and opportunities to pray and serve.

This is an organization that our family just loves. It is an easy way to spread the love of Jesus to children around the world. We sponsor a little girl from Ethiopia.

This is a great site for Bible study. They have a concordance for looking up verses, and have a ton of different translations to use and compare.

This is another great site I use all the time in my Bible study preparation. It is a great place to look up original language for Biblical passages.

This is the church that my family currently calls home.

This is the organization that built and manages my website. They are a great group of Christian guys seeking to make an impact for Christ in the public work environment.