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Desert Flower Ministries desires join God wherever He is working. We know that Jesus commanded us to go and be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. He is calling us to take His Word to those in our communities, our nation, those that we have prejudices against, and to the very ends of the earth.

God has led us to pray, give, and go this year in order to follow, in obedience, His command to be His witnesses. We will PRAY for those people who send us prayer requests, the partnerships we have with other ministries, and for those who have never heard of Christ all over this world. We will GIVE cheerfully and totally of what He has blessed us with to be a blessing to others, as a steward, knowing all of what we have is His. We will GO wherever He leads!

God has shown us some very exciting ways to join His work this year all around the world and we are humbled. Please take a moment to see where God is leading us and pray about how you too might join God's work with us!