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Foundation Bible Series | Satisfy Our Souls | Thrive Journals: Thriving with Women of the Bible

Are you tired of roller-coaster living? Do you find yourself thriving in mountain-top experiences only to plunge into barren, arid desert reality that chokes out your joy? Your shoes are full of sand and your heart is dried out. You're gritty and grumbling and wondering why this keeps happening. Satisfy Our Souls: A Cry from the Desert is a five-week journey during which you will travel alongside the Israelite people and learn the lessons God taught them in their desert. Surprisingly, you'll find there is much beauty in desert places - beauty supplied by God and only available in the heat of this most uncomfortable place. Through unique comparisons of Old and New Testament passages, you will receive fresh satisfaction for even the driest of souls.

We are excited to announce the arrival of the 2014 updated version of Satisfy Our Souls: A Cry from the Desert! Order your copy today!

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